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Our instructors are highly experienced recovery counselors with additional preparation in our whole person wellness model.   Selected instructors from your treatment facility will become part of our team on a weekly basis.

 Informative classes combined with group discussions lead to lively, thought-provoking sessions. Private sessions are also available throughout the retreat week.

Leaders in the field contribute to our training and program development.  See our Advisory Board Members.

Presentation, discussion and training formats are modified according to specific needs of the individuals/groups.

Speakers and Group Leaders/Facilitators

Topics available for your group arranged on request.

  • Phyllis Mabbett, Ph.D., RN, MFCC

  • Arlen Barksdale, Ph.D.

  • Tom Brown, Ph.D.

  • Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Ph.D., RN

  • Robyn Winks, M.A., MFT

  • Katherine Moray, RN


Personal Seminars:

Focus on application of vitality skills to your personal as well as work setting.

Length can vary from day to 3 days depending on depth and breadth of training needs.