Fun Things To Do ...  (visit the Lake City website

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rent an ATV for the high country Alpine Loop

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kayaking the Lake Fork

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shop Lake City & get an old fashioned soda

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hike the Continental Divide

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snowmobiling rentals if you dare

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climb a mountain with friends

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high meadow fishing

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visit historical mining architecture

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drive a log skidder

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sightseeing (you or them?)

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Lake City Victorian Home in Autumn

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ice fishing

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Build A Log House

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waiting on Godot

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contest in a fishing derby

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share your TV viewing with Johnny the mule

cabin12_BR1b.JPG (49310 bytes)
try your hand at quilting

texan_cabin12.JPG (96899 bytes)
visit a rustic cabin resort (hint: The Texan)

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call for the local problem solvers...

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measuring snow depth with a dog meter

dog_house.JPG (59178 bytes)
tenting anyone?

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do Christmas like a card...

assay.JPG (75021 bytes)
visit Texan's 1870's old Assay Office

pdm_nelliecrk.JPG (232940 bytes)
Nellie Creek trail to Uncompagre